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Sharon Tate & The Charles Manson Family – 1969

Of all the “conspiracy theories” I have run across over the years, amazingly this is not one of them. I searched the internet for anything on this theory and got nothing, even at Above Top Secret and sites like that. But now that we know many recent tragedies have been faked in Hollywood fashion, why not go back to previous decades, to see how long this has been going on?

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy – OK What’s New? – 1963

It was 60 years today (added Nov-23) – OK wrong song – same ‘Monkees’

Camelot ruled from the cave of Merlin by Miles Mathis I almost seem To hear the birds speaking to me.

Is there a spell, Perhaps, in the blood? The curious bird up there—Hark! he sings to me.
—Wagner, Siegfried

First draft written December 2007, first appeared on the internet 2008-9†
As you see, this paper was written several years ago. I have been sitting on it for over seven years. But
now, after publishing many other papers in the same line—on faked events—this one may be
somewhat easier to promote. If the thesis is too far-out for you at a first glance, read the other papers
first. I especially recommend my paper on the Lincoln assassination, which has many parallels to this

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Salem Witch Trials – 1692

The Salem Witch Trials Were Faked – by Miles Mathis
First published October 19, 2015

I suggested in a recent paper that the famous witch trials of history may have been faked.

I will show evidence that suggestion is true, at least regarding the Salem event.

Witchcraft in the 17th century, came up as a tangential topic and I was led to remind myself that it was also a topic in this past century.

I remembered that Arthur Miller debuted his play “The Crucible”, in 1953.

This reminded me that the Witchcraft Act in England was repealed in 1951 and Gerald Gardner started Wicca in 1954.

Those close dates seemed more than a coincidence, so I suggested maybe they weren’t.

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Miles W Mathis forum for all sorts of discussion

Miles W Mathis forum for all sorts of discussion


Miles W Mathis – Cutting Through the Fog

A Brief History of Spookery

Miles W Mathis – Cutting Through the Fog

Miles just published part 1 of a 4-part piece on “Ancient Spooks” up at his site. I am starting a new post devoted to discussion of this series of papers, as it seems they will be important and spark lots of discussion. I’d rather have the discussion here rather than on the main ‘Defending Miles Mathis’ thread. I might do this as new important papers or topics come up.



Let’s Party Forum

I am personally inviting any of my readers on any topic to drop by and have a glass of punch. We are celebrating our recent big win over the trolls and spooks, not only those at POM but at all the disinfo sites across the web.

I will be there myself, acting as both a bouncer of any trolls who show up, and as an unpaid comic. I encourage you not to just sit and watch, but to add to the posts as much as possible.


Kurt Cobain. . . well, you know the rest

Kurt Cobain. . . well, you know the rest – who has he morphed into?

I wasn’t even going to do Cobain, despite many requests to do so: I just didn’t think he was important enough. Then I tripped across a bit of evidence no one else seemed to be talking about, so I thought I would put in my two cents.

I just took a quick look at the suicide note, and I noticed it had “CAPT Larry Khan” near the bottom, next to Cobain’s little signature. I found that curious for many reasons, not the least of which that CAPT was obviously written by a different person than the person who had written Larry Khan.

Why was it all caps, for one thing? Also curious was that those words weren’t on
the original note. They were apparently added later (or removed later). CBS recently published photos of the death scene, and those words cannot be seen on the original note.

Kurt Cobain (Dave – you can’t come to my concerts unless you’re a paid-up sheep – former idol, now twat – Grohl)

David Geffen

Larry Khan



George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair) Faked his Death

First published April 8, 2023

Boy is this obvious, once you start looking. I tripped across it today while working on something else.

I was looking up whether Oceania’s first enemy in 1984 was Eurasia or Eastasia, when I got pulled into Orwell’s bio, which I had only previously skimmed.

I didn’t realize he allegedly died in 1950 at age 46 of tuberculosis, just after publishing 1984. That is suspicious enough on its own, but there is much more.

Here are the clues:

Orwell had married the beautiful and much younger Sonia Brownell, 31, just a few months earlier, though he was already supposedly on his death bed.

They now admit she was working secretly for the Information Research Department (Propaganda) at the British Foreign Office.

Virginia Woolf (To the Lighthouse)



The Titanic: the Fraud that Keeps on Giving

The Titanic

I haven’t written anything about this one before because I assumed it had been done. See Robin Gardiner’s 1998 book Titanic: the Ship that Never Sank. I hadn’t read it and still haven’t, but I had seen a youtube documentary outlining the major points. It seemed like a slamdunk, so I filed it under “done”.

However, now that I go back, I am not as satisfied as I was at first. That is the danger of watching a documentary and not doing your own research. I know not to do that, but in this case I got lazy. I guess I was glad to see that someone had already done the Titanic, so I didn’t have to do it

I was wrong.



Tim’s Vermeer: CIA* Propaganda in the 21st Century

Tim’s Vermeer: CIA* Propaganda in the 21st Century

First published July 3, 2014
A documentary called Tim’s Vermeer was released early this year and nominated for an Oscar.

Although it didn’t win, it has been promoted heavily by the Intelligence-owned mainstream media. We must assume it was nominated due to influence by the CIA or some other agency. Despite the fact that it received many bad reviews—including one at the New York Times—no one has yet seen what it is
really about.

[Correction, August 6, 2014. One of my readers pointed out to me that the film was not in fact nominated for anything. Confused, I returned to my original sources for this piece, only to find no mention of a nomination in any of them.

Since I don’t usually make mistakes like that, I suspect I originally tripped over some planted information, not realiz

Penn Jillette (Penn & Teller)


RAF Bombed Britain

RAF Bombed Britain

More WWII Fakes by Miles Mathis

First published January 18, 2018
I have already shown you lots of fake photos of WWII in my papers on the Beer Hall Putsch and
Hitler’s Genealogy. Here I will show you many more. The photo under title is my first exhibit. I found it on a general search for photos of WWII, among many others with the tag “photos that were hidden from the public until now”. Maybe you can see why it was “hidden”. Because they were still working on it in photoshop. It is an obvious fake, meant to sell us on the idea London was seriously bombed by Hitler’s blitzkrieg.

If you can’t see the signs of a fake at a glance, consider this clue in the text:


Miles W Mathis

cluesforum – Discussing Miles W. Mathis

I have read everything Miles Mathis has written (even his physics stuff) and I think he’s very good at outing spooks, but what the hell does he mean by “Jewish blood”, “Semitic features” and “a Jewish nose”?

Hi Seneca, I see that you and Apache have already solved the question. He doesn’t say “half-Jewish” but “part-Jewish”. So sorry, my mistake.


What’s The Deal With Nuclear Marine Propulsion?

What’s The Deal With Nuclear Marine Propulsion?

If nuclear bombs are fraudulent and nuclear power plants are fraudulent, then what’s been powering aircraft carriers, submarines and other craft claimed to run on nuclear reactors for nearly 70 years?

Searching up ‘nuclear navy’ leads directly to the ‘Father of the Nuclear Navy’, Admiral Hyman G. Rickover so let’s begin there. Wiki portrays perhaps the unlikeliest career in modern military history.

The life and legacy of Rickover could be distlled down to this – Well known asshole bucks traditon and authority to deliver a product nobody wants but he knows the naton desperately needs. Disliked by all, except much needed supporters at critical junctures. Singlehandedly creates the Navy’s nuclear program from scratch, and is its supreme head honcho, overseeing every detail, for over 30 years.






Some Of Dave’s Best Stuff

Moon Landings like you’ve never heard

Moon Landings like you’ve never heard before

Freaky things happened in LA in 1969

Freaky things happened in LA in 1969


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Some Other Interesting Stuff

All about Miles Mathis

All about Miles Mathis

Some shit about Alex Jones

Some shit about Alex Jones – good guy really – does a great Bill Hicks impression


Hoaxes Galore – Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Hoaxes Galore – Some Superb Case Studies

Some Superb Case Studies – Coming soon to a place near you

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants


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