Ongoing Investigations

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Ongoing Investigations

sites scrubbed, good topic or not available – check back for better later



MSM Sites



Channel 4 – so out there ??? – but they’re not, still toe the line

Channel 5

Radio shows

Independent radio shows


The murder of Lord Lucan – Vigo Street- Kelly’s Library – 1960s and 1970s activity

Libyan Embassy Yvonne Fletcher

Pulse Nightclub – Chris Spivey

westminster-london-terror-attack-another-fake-hoax – Westminster Bridge – London Terror Attack – Fake HOAX

climate change







Climate Change

Kent Freedom Movement

Hristos Mandylor – RAF Bombed Britain – see latest MM LesTrade

Manly Hall – Albert Pike

cicada 3301 puzzle

Mensa Organisation

Paris Bataclan

Aurora Batman


Mark Tokarski – POM

Sandy Hook

Shoreham Air Show Crash


Gary Glitter – Freddie Starr – TOTP – Leader Of The Gang
Jim Davidson – Do You Want To Touch
Rock ‘n Roll need a front man & Group
brian may v jimmy lea
robert plant v noddy holder v richard jobson skids

Chris Williamson (ex Derby MP)
Margaret Beckett
Pandoras Box Ltd

unknown families challenging world domination

ppi claim – banks changing names – being bought over by smaller institutions – i.e. Losing empires

Mark Ceylon – Mark Seylon
Elscot House
6 St James Place, St James Square


profgeorgeleesrevelations ??? Johnson stuff – prime-minister-s-boiler-room-in-finchley-road Mark Tokarski


Interesting, But Not For Here

Scott Alan Turner – Live like a financial rockstar





Some Of Dave’s Best Stuff

Moon Landings like you’ve never heard

Moon Landings like you’ve never heard before

Freaky things happened in LA in 1969

Freaky things happened in LA in 1969


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Some Other Interesting Stuff

All about Miles Mathis

All about Miles Mathis

Some shit about Alex Jones

Some shit about Alex Jones – good guy really – does a great Bill Hicks impression


Hoaxes Galore – Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Hoaxes Galore – Some Superb Case Studies

Some Superb Case Studies – Coming soon to a place near you

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants


Be Sure To Check Out Some Supportive Future Projects

Supportive Future Projects

Supportive Future Projects – some ads to keep us going


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