John Fitzgerald Kennedy – OK What’s New? – 1963

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Camelot ruled from the cave of Merlin by Miles Mathis I almost seem To hear the birds speaking to me.
Is there a spell, Perhaps, in the blood? The curious bird up there—Hark! he sings to me.
—Wagner, Siegfried
First draft written December 2007, first appeared on the internet 2008-9†
As you see, this paper was written several years ago. I have been sitting on it for over seven years. But
now, after publishing many other papers in the same line—on faked events—this one may be
somewhat easier to promote. If the thesis is too far-out for you at a first glance, read the other papers
first. I especially recommend my paper on the Lincoln assassination, which has many parallels to this
one. I also recommend my very long paper on the Tate/Manson event. The photographic evidence I
compiled for that one exceeds even the photographic evidence here—which is extensive.
As usual, I offer this paper as an opinion piece, protected as free speech by the Constitution. It is my
professional reading of the evidence, to be taken as such. When I say professional, I mean I have …read more

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