Bloodlines From Miles Mathis Articles


Sometimes it’s difficult to follow Miles Mathis’ guide to the bloodlines of the ‘elite’ and their ‘actor’ families and cousins, so I’m now compiling a ready reckoner of who’s who!

Please note that some of the links are Not from Miles Mathis, but from other independant sources.

Some of the names that come up quite regularly are :-

The Earl of Derby

Many others can be found within these links (also use the search function).

Main ref :-

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6 Replies to “Bloodlines From Miles Mathis Articles”

  1. I gained a number of insights from “Miles Mathis” I otherwise would never have figured out or it’d have taken a few years to get there (professional sports are rigged, mainstream science is pure propaganda, throw away the history books) but if you’re an astute and analytical reader it quickly becomes apparent MM is not only an agent (he literally outs himself in nearly every article) but his committee is also writing for Tucker Carlson’s show.

    In fact, every time he hypes or references some journalist (Dan Solomon and Intercept journalist Jason(?) Schwartz for example) if you read those articles you can clearly see it’s the same writer. Ditto the Onion, Zerohedge, Infowars. Same team of writers.

    Read the MM piece on the Alex Jones fake trial then go read the Dan Solomon article he links to. It’s practically the same article only with different angles of misdirection.

    I’ve concluded the things Miles hypes the most are to be entirely disregarded. Especially the peerage. Total waste of time. No agent or actor or CIA Operative is going to use their real name.

    Wouldn’t be hard to AI generate fictional lineages on thousands of interconnected families. For example, he tries selling Ashli Babbitt as an actual person who lived, served as an officer in the Air Force and faked her death Jan 6.

    Then tries selling the nonexistent autopsy report as real and Judicial Watch (who supposedly got the autopsy report through a FOIA request) as a legitimate source. No, no and no.

    1. Do you agree with his assessments of the Salem witch trial, Sharon Tate murder, Abe Lincoln murder and JFK, all being a hoax?

      What is his purpose of doing this? He’s relatively unknown. It seems at this point, they can do whatever they want because they know there is not going to be any uprising. Why the ongoing misdirection?

      It seems like everyone is controlled opposition. There’s so much disinformation and information out there that is impossible to have any sense of what the truth is other than the government is not here to protect or serve us, do not take the vaccine, and grow your own food. That’s about the only truths I know in this day and age.

      1. Hi Steve,

        Yeah, I think he’s pretty much on the button with most of these things, maybe ‘gilding the lily’ with the family links, but still showing how many of the ‘names’ throughout history were and are related..

        Miles is very much censored on the main search engines and they don’t attempt to argue his points! Compare to Alex Jones, who gets load of publicity for being a tit, so they can point to a ‘loony conspiracy theorist’.

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